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i'm you, i'm your shadow!

the only reason i exist is so they could create you

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the spirit of the warrior will always be with you

And she says
"So how did I end up
So deeply involved in
The very existence
I planned on avoiding ?"

i am from new york city. i hate you if you are a person not from the city who tells people they are.

i like baseball, video games and cats. i love andy pettitte, i hate kyle farnsworth wilson betemit damaso marte jose veras sergio mitre. the circle is complete.

[Noisedragon] leo, josh as i might, you're hella cool in my book.
[leokitty] in response to that i say: buy me stuff
[DJTodd] [leokitty] in response to that i say: buy me stuff <-- Spoken like a true girl.
45 grave, andy pettitte, bernie krigstein, bernie wrightson, big barda, black lung, blue beetle, carmine infantino, challengers of the unknown, christian death, christopher lee, converter, danse society, dario argento, darkseid, drunk drunkeness, drunk fight club, drunk video gaming, eating brains, exploding heads, francis the cat, freedom fighters, giallo movies, hating kyle farnsworth, hefalumps and woozles, in face stab self, ingmar bergman, intense lasting hatred, jack kirby, jsa, justice society of america, kei igawa you suck, killing people, kitty meow meows, legend of zelda, liberty belle, lucio fulci, mario bava, mario!, metroid, milt caniff, mister miracle, monsters that eat people, narrowly avoiding moving traffic, new gods, not being hungover, pax augusta, peter cushing, ripper, samus aran, samus hentai, scott proctor come back, serious sleep deprivation, stabby stab stab stab, wally wood, walt simonson, wasting my life away, zombies

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